When you take on an intimidating game like poker, it is important that you have trusty resources that you can count on. Other than us (your friendly neighborhood Rotten Gods), we wanted to share with you our list of resources that you can rely on!

As much as we would like to put our own site on this list, what good would that do, right? We believe in sharing the love so without further ado, here are some of our most reliable resource sites:


PokerStars School

As resources go, this website is pretty complete! They have lessons that even beginners will find easy. They have an active community and they keep their site fairly updated with latest news and tips. They tout that the lessons you learn can propel you into professional territory. Not a bad boast!



This website has a vast library of strategies that anyone can tap into. This particular website also has some free tutorials that cover a wide range of topics. They have a clear roster of coaches available so you know where your information is coming from. In the world of information, transparency is critical and this website does not disappoint in the least.

Keep in mind that we are constantly updating this page as we are always on the look out for the best and only the most active sites. If you have got any specific websites that you use, let us know so we can add them! Give us a call at 216-578-3918!